About Deme Walls

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 12.10.55 AMI am currently a senior at the University of Missouri majoring in convergence journalism with an interest in emerging media.

I am passionate about how technology is affecting the way news is produced and consumed. My goal is to be able tell engaging stories across multiple platforms. I’ve had experience working in many different newsrooms, teaching me to be flexible and fast. I’ve produced content for Global Journalist, a weekly radio show reporting on the state of press freedom around the world. I’ve also analyzed readership, managed social media and worked to engage the audiences at the Columbia Missourian, a local paper. This has motivated me to want to get out there to work and learn more. 

My mom has said I’ve always had my mind set on being a journalist. In first grade, I created my own news segment about nature, filming from my grandpa’s backyard. The audience was a bunch of other first graders, and breaking news was a squirrel running across the lawn.

Thankfully, I have not only grown in height, but in my work as well. I love learning new techniques and my favorite thing about journalism is the new and unusual information I can learn from the stories I work on.

Besides journalism I also love to bake, watch Netflix, complete DIY projects and explore new places with friends!

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Contact Deme via email: walls.deme@gmail.com


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