Creepy Crawlies

Ok to start off, I really had a hard time picking a topic for my blog. I couldn’t just find one specific topic to write about the whole time. So this led me to “deliberate” for a really long time about the perfect blog topic. Hence, the newfound title of my blog! So welcome to Deliberations by Deme! I am going to post every week about something that I am curious about and try to find some answers!

This week I am going to talk about spiders. Not just any spider though, the mean and scary Brown Recluse! I unfortunately had a scare with a spider a couple days ago. I walked into my recently cleaned and calm room and noticed something there that wasn’t there before. On the left wall, a quarter-sized brown spider seemed to be stuck on my wall, mocking me. I was scared to death and immediately took a cup, captured it and flushed it down the toilet. But before the poor spider’s life came to an end, I managed to snap a few pics of it. I was home alone and wanted to show my roommates the horror I encountered that evening.



Out of curiosity, I did some Google searches to try to figure out what type of spider this was. (If you don’t know me, Google is practically my best friend.) The only thing that kept popping up was a Brown Recluse, which is known to live in Missouri. The alarming part is that it can kill you!

When my roommates got home, I was still freaked out, especially when one of them thought it was a Brown Recluse too! But they thankfully decided to help me go through every nook and cranny to make sure no more spiders were wandering around!

I still have the spider encounter in the back of my mind though, constantly shaking my sheets and bedding to make sure there are no creepy crawlies lurking. Today, I even searched on Youtube to get more of an idea of what the Brown Recluse looked like! I love Google Images, but the photos they had were too close up and looked liked giants compared to the little guy I encountered in my room. Now I will be on the constant look out for any spider with a violin marking on their back, six eyes and eight legs. (Just thinking about it gives me the chills!)

Just my luck, the Brown Recluse was all over the news today too! A home in St. Louis had between 4,500 and 6,000 Brown Recluse spiders in their home! They said the spiders were falling from the ceiling and oozing through the walls! (NO THANK YOU!)

Besides being paranoid, I did end up learning more about the Brown Recluse. Here are some quick facts from in case you end up encountering one.

  • They have a violin marking on their back, six eyes and eight legs
  • Less than an inch long
  • Besides brown they can be black, cream or gray
  • They hang out in undisturbed places
  • They bite when they feel pressure from a human’s body

So I don’t know for sure if the spider in my room was the infamous Brown Recluse. But I am so happy it is gone for good! If anyone thinks they know what kind of spider this was, feel free to comment and help me out! I also found this cool website for those who enjoy figuring out what spider they encounter! (I promise I don’t do this in my free time, this particular occasion just got me interested.)

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