Flavor Tripping

In search of story ideas for my convergence reporting class, I like to ask some of my friends for ideas. I usually get ridiculous ideas. So when I asked last week I wasn’t surprised when one of my friends told me to write a story about “flavor tripping.” At first I thought she was crazy and was talking about drugs. But she was completely serious and I had to find out what she was talking about. Also before you read further I promise this is completely legal!

“Flavor tripping” is what some people call it when you eat a fruit called, a miracle berry. A miracle berry originated from West Africa and is now produced and shipped to everyone interested in buying it. You can either buy the fresh berry or a powdered tablet. Once you let the tablet dissolve on your tongue, some of the molecules on the berry bind to your taste buds and make sour foods taste sweet. My friend told me that some patients going through chemotherapy sometimes use this tablet to get rid of the metallic taste of food. She also said that people with diabetes or who are on diets use it to make foods taste sweeter. So they don’t have to eat all the sugar. You can find more information about the berry here.

Another growing trend in New York City is to have flavor tripping parties. Hosts buy a variety of different foods and give their guests the tablet and then go around the party experiencing the phenomena of the foods tasting really different.

I decided I needed to try this miracle fruit for myself! So ended up buying 10 tablets on Amazon for about $13. As soon as the tablets came I went to the grocery store to get some of the recommended foods on the tablet package. This included lemons, limes, carrots and salt and vinegar chips.




After the shopping spree I invited some of my friends over and we had a flavor tripping party of our own. The tablet tasted like a really bad vitamin and took forever to dissolve on your tongue. So after about three minutes, the tablet finally dissolved. It was crazy to see how much the food tasted different. Lemons tasted like lemonade and limes were super sweet. Carrots were sweeter and the salt and vinegar chips weren’t as sour. The effects didn’t last that long though, maybe about an hour.

I have a few more tablets left and I can’t wait to experiment more with this interesting discovery.


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