Is Technology Ruining Us?

I am currently enrolled in a literary theory English class. This semester we have read 4 books regarding how technology is changing the way we think, feel and act. It is a very interesting class to say the least and my professor has spent the semester convincing us the world would be a better place without technology. I do believe some points of his argument, but I am torn because I am a convergence journalism major with an interest in emerging media. How am i supposed to think that technology is bad when it revolves around my future career?

What I do agree with is the fact that people have been misusing technology. Toddlers are using phones and iPads for entertainment. My generation can’t walk or socialize without their phones in their hand. They can’t be alone and focus as much. I am guilty of this myself and feel like I am more distracted by things. But I do believe that technology, if used as a tool can be very beneficial.

Using technology to look something up, make calculations and to write a paper are all things I see as useful. But social media sites and sometimes email I feel can hurt our society. This video does a great job of showing people how staring at your phone all day can hurt you.

But then I have realized that when you relate this to journalism, it kind of seems hypocritical. Because the digital age has been taking over the print world, journalists have had to adapt to online and social media to attract viewership. Journalists have had to learn how to tell stories using different platforms in order to get the news in peoples’ hands. So are journalists helping or hurting the cause?

I am not sure if I know the answer to this but I do think that journalists are definitely adapting to the changes. And it is true that this generation isn’t really paying attention to print news or even television news anymore. I think society needs to be informed and Twitter is a way to get them informed. Hopefully, as journalists gain more experience in the digital age news can be produced that is both accessible and informative.

For now, I think I will try meditating and putting my phone on silent for a while.

Photo Courtesy of Mervi Eskelinen ( Attribution 2.0


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