Less is more

The holiday season is in full swing. Neighborhoods lighted with Christmas lights, everything in town plastered with holiday decorations and the shopping advertisements highlighting amazing deals. That’s what I have been seeing a lot of lately and it’s pretty normal for this time of year. But something feels different to me this year.

As a kid crazy amounts of decorations made me feel excited, the more Christmas the better and the more it made me feel happy inside. But this year, when I was home with my family I felt like all those decorations were pointless. My family, particularly my mom and brother have become recently obsessed with Christmas decorations. Now I’m not sure if this is a new obsession, or if I’m just noticing it now. Whatever the case, the fact is that when putting up decorations up the Saturday after Thanksgiving the two of them would not stop until every part of the yard was covered. In the end, our house looked like a giant gingerbread house.

Yes it did look pretty cool (especially because my brother connected all the lights to music). But the fact that they had to go out and buy more expensive Christmas lights, when we already had stuff, seemed pretty wasteful to me. If I were to have my own house, I would decorate it with white lights and maybe have a few decorations in the window to add a pop of color. But nothing crazy. When I confronted my mom about her impulsive buying of Christmas decorations she said that “you have to look at it from a child’s eyes” and that’s who she is decorating for. She has a point, I was obsessed with this stuff as a kid. But it’s now really confusing to me now.

You have to admit the holiday season has become more commercialized, and Christmas decorations are now in store before Halloween rolls around. I don’t think this trend will ever stop and I know I hear all the time from people that it should stop. But then again, sometimes what people do and think are completely different. This was my contemplation for this week. Below you can see our fully lighted up house. The funny part is after all this work, it ended up blowing fuses and the only way to get it to work is to add another fuse or buy a generator. So I’m interested to see if these will be lit up when I get home for Christmas break……


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