The Jellyfish

Well let’s just say that Deme’s Pinterest Challenge One was very difficult……..

Thanks to Emma Hecht for sharing this “fun” little project with me. When I say “fun,” I mean not fun at all!

The pin Emma shared with me was this great idea to transform a paper lantern into a really cool light fixture. Here is the website this was pinned from. The problem though, was that there was no directions on the site. So I just had to wing it based off the pictures.

Here are the materials I used:

  • Paper lantern – $5
  • Copy paper – $5
  • Elmer’s glue – $1
  • Scissors  (had already)
  • Glue gun with hot glue (had already)
  • Scraps of fabric (had already)
  • Yarn (had already)

Total money spent: $11

It started off great…..

But then I ran into a problem! The glue wasn’t sticking and this seemed to be turning into a tedious and annoying task!

Thankfully my solution was starting to bring everything together and things were moving much more smoothly…

Now it was time to attach the fabric….

So it turned out okay, but not at all what I was expecting. After about 4 hrs and $11 later, I was done. It looks like a Jellyfish is literally hanging from the ceiling. I still have to buy a battery powered light to stick inside of it. Maybe after I add a light it will look better?


My advice to anyone wanting to try this at home is to NOT DO IT! But hey, if you really want to try it, more power to you! Good luck! But FYI, it leaves a huge mess!

Next week I think I am going to stick to something I already know how to do, baking!

Keep sending me pins and thanks for watching!


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