A Broken Heart

So I think it’s time to rename my blog…..the real name should be Deme’s Pinterest Fails. Yep, I have successfully managed to mess up my Pinterest project this week, AGAIN.

I thought something fun and easy to do for a Valentine’s Day themed project would be painted pink nails with a sparkly heart on them. Here is the pin I got the idea from. The project didn’t have a lot of supplies and it seemed pretty easy and cute.

But everyone should know that while some find painting their nails easy, I do not. Painting my nails is a challenge in itself. I can’t seem to ever do it right and they always end of chipping within the first hour. But, I decided to try this project anyway. Part of the reason was because it didn’t cost me anything to try!


  • Nail polish (your choice of color)
  • Top coat
  • Glitter nail polish
  • Washi tape (I only had masking tape)
  • Nail dryer (optional, but I absolutely love mine!)

As it usually does, everything started out just fine. The first thing I did was cut the masking tape into a shape of a heart to fit my nail. After that, I covered the skin near my nail with tape, because I usually end up getting nail polish all over my hands. The tape prevents the polish from getting on your skin. Next, I started painting. After two coats of polish, I put on the top coat and let dry.

After my nails dried, I applied the tape with the heart cutout to one of my nails. After it was secure, I painted in the heart with my sparkly nail polish. I let it and then applied the top coat. After I let that dry, I took off the tape. As you can see in the following video, things DID NOT go well after that…..

I realized that my masking tape had not been the greatest replacement for the Washi tape. So now it was on to plan B. I decided to try a nail design from this pin that I had found. It involved using a loofa to create a glitter design on the nail.  As I wiped off the nail polish on my messed up nail and prepared the loofa, something TERRIBLE HAPPENED. (See video)

Just when I thought things could not get any worse……..

The good news is that I actually got it all cleaned up off the floor. I decided to keep on going with my little project even though I was confronted with one challenge after another. As you can see in the following video, the loofa design didn’t work either. So I  just painted all my nails sparkly.

Well, I finished……Too bad it looks like I stuck my hands in glitter glue…..


Tune in next week for another Pinterest project. (Hopefully, a successful one)


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