More Spring Fun!

The month of April is going by way too fast! I have so much to do before the semester ends! But as spring kicks into full gear, the weather is getting warmer. These past couple of days have been beautiful and I wanted to search for some spring activities on Pinterest to enjoy it.

I love going on walks or bike rides on the MKT trail in Columbia. Another thing that I enjoy is sleeping with my window open to take in the fresh air, or doing my homework outside.

This pin that I found is mainly aimed at little kids, but some can be good for any age. Some of them include shopping at a farmers market, listening to birds and having a picnic lunch.

I really want to try making this raspberry lemonade smoothie. Anything with fresh fruit just screams spring!

But the beautiful weather also brings lots of distractions. Sometimes I would rather be outside listening to music instead of focusing on homework.

I found some tips that may help motivate me to stay focused on school. This pin suggests setting a timer on things you need to get done and also taking time to regroup to assess what you need to get done.

This interesting pin says to turn the heat up in the room in order to focus. It also suggests smelling flowers when you wake up? Weird, but an interesting idea.

All these great ideas I found, will help me enjoy the spring weather, but also stay productive. Now I just have to worry about my allergies, not getting in the way of enjoying it. 🙂


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