I love planning events and Pinterest just makes it so easy to put all your ideas in to one place. This semester I volunteered to plan the Founders Day event for my sorority. At the event we  celebrate our founding in 1898, our sisterhood and look back at all we have accomplished that year. The event includes a lunch, presentation and an awards ceremony.  I used Pinterest to figure out what decorations to have at the event. The biggest decision in regards to decorations was the centerpieces. My co-chair and I knew we wanted the color scheme to be purple and that was it. We finally decided to pick this centerpiece we found, but change it to match our color scheme.


We ordered the flowers in bulk from Sam’s Club and they arrived a couple days before the event. We chose purple hydrangeas and bear grass.

photo 2We also bought water beads to serve as decoration at the bottom of our fishbowl vases. They are small beads that you soak in water overnight and they absorb up all the water to look like glass beads. It was a great way to hydrate the flowers in the vase, plus it made it look fancier.

The day of the event we assembled the vases. We started with about three cups of the water beads and a half cup of water. Then we put our cut hydrangea bloom in the vase. Next, we wrapped our bear grass around the vase. After that, they were ready to go on the table under the mirrors we rented. Overall, the decorations and the event turned out great!


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