I love planning events and Pinterest just makes it so easy to put all your ideas in to one place. This semester I volunteered to plan the Founders Day event for my sorority. At the event we  celebrate our founding in 1898, our sisterhood and look back at all we have accomplished that year. The event includes a lunch, presentation and an awards ceremony.  I used Pinterest to figure out what decorations to have at the event. The biggest decision in regards to decorations was the centerpieces. My co-chair and I knew we wanted the color scheme to be purple and that was it. We finally decided to pick this centerpiece we found, but change it to match our color scheme.


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Saving Money

My study abroad trip in the fall is quickly approaching and this broke college student needed to find more tips for saving money! I took to Pinterest to help me save some quick cash this summer and here’s what I found.

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I am home for spring break and wanted to find a Pinterest pin that I could recreate without the need to go to the store to get supplies. I luckily found this pin, which taught me how to make very easy donuts! I love anything with cinnamon and sugar, so this recipe was perfect for me! My mom even had all the ingredients it required, so I didn’t even have to go to the store to buy anything!

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